Product: Predictive Intelligence

Infer Preferences Based on Behavior

With every open, click, purchase or search, customers are giving you valuable insights into their preferences. The Predictive Intelligence Engine consumes both implicit and explicit customer behavior, in real time, in order to build a profile of preferences for every customer. Learn More

predictive analytics


Make Predictions and Automate Decisions

This profile of preferences is then paired with sophisticated algorithms and business rules to automatically, and in real time, predict the next best offer, content or product for each individual customer. Every minute, The Predictive Intelligence Engine makes hundreds of thousands of these decisions on behalf of the brands we serve. Learn More 

Predictive Intelligence Demo from Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Watch Predictive Intelligence in action.


Personalize Every Interaction

Predictive Intelligence is native to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s messaging platform, meaning Predictive Content is seamlessly delivered across channels, personalizing every customer interaction. By tailoring the experience to every individual customer, marketers can crush KPIs like conversions, opens, clicks, downloads and incremental revenue, while building trust, loyalty and a lifetime customer relationship. Learn More

predictive analytics



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