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Because we serve businesses of all sizes and industries, our robust platform allows you to execute promotional campaigns, automated campaigns, highly-personalized emails, transactional message, behavioral-triggered messages, and much, much more. All with integrated Predictive Intelligence to drive 1:1 email customer journeys.


Deliver Smart and Predictive Content

Drag-and-drop content tools make it easy to create emails that capture your customers’ attention. With simple dynamic content blocks for personalization, integrated Predictive Intelligence, and pre-defined event triggers, Marketing Cloud helps you to automate relevant messages throughout the customer lifecycle. Learn More

Create Content - Email Marketing


Target Your Audiences

Relevant messaging isn’t an option — it’s a necessity. Easily filter your subscriber base to send targeted email messages based on any customer data, including all interactions with your brand. Learn More 

Target your Audience - Email Marketing


Streamline and Send Emails

Your customers interact with email all day, every day — and they expect real-time communications from you. Marketing Cloud's powerful email marketing platform arms you with the segmentation and automation tools you need to move the customer journey forward and reach your always-connected customers, wherever they are. Learn More

Streamline & Send Emails - Email Marketing


Track & Optimize Email Campaigns

Keep tabs on every email campaign and transactional send with real-time tracking and graphical reporting. Make the most of every email send — and boost ROI — with built-in A/B testing capabilities, integrated Predictive Intelligence, and leading email deliverability tools. Learn More

Track & Optimize Email Campaigns


Scale Capabilities

Whether you’re looking for standard email marketing features or need a sophisticated cross-channel marketing platform, you’ll never outgrow our capabilities. From sending millions of emails in a few minutes to empowering users around the world, to adding new customer communication channels to your brand strategy, Marketing Cloud has everything you need. Plus, 24/7/365 technical support means you never have to do it alone. Learn More

Scale Capabilities - Email Marketing


Connect with ease

Connecting Marketing Cloud to the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud combines world-class digital marketing and CRM technologies to empower your organization to build a single view of the customer and deliver more effective, personalized communications. The seamless connection allows organizations to create data-driven, 1:1 messages that move the customer journey forward. Now all areas of your organization can utilize data to optimize customer interactions, including sales, services, customer support, in-store, online, and beyond.


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