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Apr. 17, 2014 Inks Deals With Datalogix For Offline Audience Extension has partnered with offline audience-targeting specialist Datalogix.'s clients now have access to what Datalogix claims is an offline audience data set that represents $1 trillion in spend. Eric Kirby, Datalogix's chief product officer, told AdExchanger the data provider's offline reach enables's CRM clients to supplement their CRM databases with new prospects "by tapping into our database of consumer spending behavior to build 'spend-alike' audiences who mirror the buying behaviors of brands' best customers." In other words, the ability to do lookalike modeling. The partnership should allow marketers to expand the match rate of their CRM file against a wider range of audience attributes and measure in-store sales lift of their campaigns.

Apr. 17, 2014 Salesforce ExactTarget Partners with Datalogix

The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud from  today announced a new partnership with Datalogix, expanding its capabilities to power and measure the sales impact of advertising campaigns. The partnership will make it possible to leverage Datalogix's $1 trillion in offline consumer spending data within the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud's and Active Audiences advertising solutions. It also expands the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud's existing ability to drive relevant and targeted advertising campaigns, based on CRM and digital marketing data from customer engagement across email, mobile, social, and the Web.

Apr. 17, 2014 The Only Way to Get Really, Really Rich

I've spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs, and each and every one does the same thing. When we talk about the financial side of being an entrepreneur--exit strategies, revenues, IPOs, cashing out--they're interested but far from animated. But when we talk about the life of an entrepreneur, about how it feels to be an entrepreneur, they all light up. They start to gush about the challenges, the responsibility, the sense of mission, the sense of purpose, the sense of fulfillment and excitement of working with and for a real team, the amazing feelings of empowerment and the control over their own destinies....It happens every time. The hugely successful entrepreneurs such as Scott Dorsey, who helped steer ExactTarget out of a garage, into an IPO, and then into an acquisition by, light up.

Apr. 16, 2014 The Power of Mobile

At Venture Crush NY, Mike Lazerow highlights the power of mobile connectivity, discussing the business potential of this thriving market and restructuring an industry. 

Apr. 16, 2014 5 priorities for the B2B CMO and her team

Here are five things that B2B CMOs and their teams should be focusing on to thrive-instead of just survive-in this rapidly shifting digital environment: 5) Data support and training. According to a recent ExactTarget survey, 61 percent of CMOs said data acquisition is their top internal marketing priority for 2014. And that's no big surprise considering the deep insights data can deliver to help you personalize your efforts throughout the buying cycle.

Apr. 14, 2014 San Francisco route off to flying start

New nonstop flights between Indianapolis and San Francisco have been filling up with passengers during their first months in the air. The new year-round route with United Airlines started in early January after the Indiana Economic Development Corp. agreed to provide up to $1.5 million a year in revenue guarantees as several central Indiana tech companies sought to make business travel to Silicon Valley easier. Exact Target CEO Scott Dorsey said the Indianapolis-based company, which was recently acquired by San Francisco-based, already has booked hundreds of flights on the route. "The times I've been on the plane, virtually everything is full," he said.