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Oct. 9, 2014 Marketing Titans: Dasha Gastol and the Art of Ecommerce

The interview below continues my series from Connections 2014. Dasha Gastol is a Digital Marketing Manager for Diesel USA based in the New York City office. In leading digital acquisition strategy for the Diesel USA's Ecommerce team, her focus is on personalization and customization of the customer journey. Prior to Diesel, she worked at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, where she developed digital marketing strategies for dozens of hotels throughout North America. In this interview, Dasha continues the theme found in all of my interviews: It's serving about the customer. 

Oct. 8, 2014 Southwest Airlines Takes Customer Listening to New Heights

When it comes to acting on customer insight, Southwest Airlines knows that the sky's the limit. So the airline launched a Listening Center this past May to help bring real-time social, industry, and operational data under its wing. The Listening Center is an internal resource that combines social conversations, industry news, and operational data into one central hub, says Alice Wilson, social business advisor for Southwest's marketing organization. “[The Listening Center] helps us connect the dots,” Wilson says. “We've always had a really strong focus on customer relations and resolution.”

Oct. 7, 2014 STEPPING OUT: Aldo ups its sales game with customer relationship management platform

Aldo, the fashion footwear and accessory brand, engaged the Salesforce1 platform to allow a single view of the customer, bringing all of its customer data into one spot for actionable intelligence. Aldo also uses Salesforce’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud for social listening. “We have to get to the connected state, where the customer is connected, the stores are connected to each other, those associates are connected, the merchandise they sell is connected,” Bransten says. “Then there are these communities around the stores, the merchandise and the customers that all need to get connected.”

Oct. 1, 2014 A Lot to Like in the Midwest

There was a lot to like at Salesforce ExactTarget's Connections 2014 user conference in Indianapolis last week. Perhaps it's ExactTarget's Midwest roots, but I can see a genuine concern for the customer emanating from the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and it plays well. For a long time, I've been writing that capturing customer data and running random analytics against it is insufficient for modern customer relations, but I've been disappointed with what I've seen from vendors addressing the issue -- until now.

Oct. 1, 2014 Executive Q&A: Kimpton Hotels Wins Over Guests with Personalization

Winning hotel guests takes more than free Wi-Fi and a spa package. Like its competitors, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants is looking for opportunities to give its accommodations an edge over the competition. Known for its boutique hotels, Kimpton Hotels operates more than 60 hotels and restaurants across 30 cities in the U.S. and strives to provide guests with personalized experiences. Maggie Lang, senior director of consumer marketing and engagement, spoke with 1to1 Media about the company's efforts to leverage its customer data, its mobile strategy, and also offered suggestions about why the travel industry is slow to adopt new technology. 

Oct. 1, 2014 Marketing Titans: Annemarie Frank and Consumer Engagement

Connections 2014 brought several opportunities to speak with marketing giants. The interview below continues my series from the conference and offers further insight into the present state of marketing and where it is going. Annemarie Frank is the Vice President of Marketing for HSN. Prior to HSN, she was Executive Director, Digital and Business Development at Avon Products, Inc. Her experience in the industry is outweighed only by her passion to serve the customer.