You Speak. We Listen. 2012 Client Survey Feedback in Review.

At ExactTarget, we take our clients’ feedback very seriously. While we have several channels for listening to them, from beta programs to 3sixty to Twitter, our Client Success Survey is the cornerstone of our Voice of Customer initiatives.

With thousands of responses in 2012, our clients have spoken. It’s helpful to hear about things we’re doing right. Over 2/3 of respondents agree that we:

  • Are easy to do business with
  • Care about our customers and partners
  • Are trustworthy and innovative
  • Have great Sales Consultants and Relationship Managers

More importantly, we heard about what we can do to improve. We’ve learned how clients look to us to be engaged in their business and provide proactive strategizing to help achieve digital marketing goals. We know how much they value our Global Support team and rely on our quick replies. Also, while 3sixty and the Wiki have improved, better organization would help them find resources more easily. 

Of course, as a SaaS company, our products have the biggest impact on our clients’ day-to-day experience with us. While we received high marks on data security and higher scores on system performance since 2011, our product team has recognized the importance of improving the following attributes:

  • Content creation tools
  • User interface and ease of use
  • Email testing capabilities
  • Integration capabilities
  • Reporting tools

While we’re not perfect, client feedback shared throughout the organization has led to major improvements in 2012. Here are just a few of them:

  • The A/B Testing Tool launched as an easy-to-use way to test email subject lines. Due to popular demand, the tool was expanded to include A/B contest testing.
  • DocuSign became an option to streamline the contract process by allowing electronic signatures.
  • Protected by ExactTarget provides the latest set of next-generation cloud-security solutions to aggressively protect client data.
  • Enhanced Email and Landing Page Tools were rolled out to simplify the editing experience and make creating emails and landing pages more intuitive.
  • MobileConnect and SocialPages launched in response to client requests for streamlined mobile messaging campaigns and Facebook page creation. 

As we enter our fourth year of the Client Success Surveys, we will continue to gather, share, and act on client feedback in 2013. After all, our clients’ success is our success!

For more information on the results from our Client Success Surveys, please visit our Client Success Survey Summary page.

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