Why Location Matters: The Difference Between Success and Failure of your Guided Selling Tool

As I discussed in my previous blog post, the right location makes all the difference -- not just in physical real estate, but in digital real estate as well. In this post we'll focus on the location and placement of Guided Selling Tools on a retailer's site.

Before we get stated, Let's review: What is Guided Selling?

iGoDigital’s Guided Selling Tools are designed to engage online customers who seek additional guidance, education, and direction for selecting the most appropriate product to meet their needs. These tools emulate your most knowledgeable, charismatic sales associates by offering a fun, interactive experience that leads shoppers through the product discovery process.

Guided Selling Tools are smart. Questions within them typically revolve around lifestyle, preferences, challenges, and needs. The tools then analyze this information and recommend the products that best match the answer set.

To see these tools in action, check out our video on Guided Selling.

Now that we understand what Guided Selling Tools are, we can move on to location.

Just as with product recommendations, location is extremely important when using Guided Selling applications. These solutions act as digital sales associates by assessing customers’ wants, needs, preferences, and lifestyles to provide relevant product recommendations. When shoppers are able to find these solutions easily, they add far more value to the brand interaction. Brands that understand the power of internal linking and leverage their investment across their site can dramatically increase their return. Burying these solutions produces the same result as a sales associate who stays in the back room of a store as shoppers are left to wander the aisles.

A large mass merchant discovered the power of strategically placed guided selling applications with its TV Finder solution. The merchant moved the TV Finder from the TV subcategory to the electronics category (ensuring that it was located above the fold) and added a hero graphic. In addition, the retailer added links back to the TV Finder on the product detail page. Results included:

  • Traffic increased 200x when retailer placed links to the Guided Selling solution on the product detail page
  • Number of sessions completed increased by 212%
  • Number of items added to cart increased by 552%
  • Conversion rates nearly doubled
  • Total value of conversions rose more than six times versus the previous location

Here is a visual representation of before and after diagrams outlining the strategy for achieving results like the ones mentioned above:

To learn more about Guided Selling Tools or other iGoDigital solutions, please visit the iGoDigital website or contact us to request a demo.

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