Who Won the Social Media #SuperBowl? (Infographic)

It was great to host Super Bowl 46 in our hometown of Indianapolis. Millions around the world watched what has become America's largest sporting event. But viewers didn't just tune in for the game - the commercials have become a massive draw, creating an opportunity for marketers to make their mark.

Advertisers know that the millions they spend on a Super Bowl commercial will buy them millions of eyeballs in hopes of driving buzz to fuel their brand and boost sales. Super Bowl 46 saw advertisers tapping into that power as traffic on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube surged throughout the game. At the ExactTarget Social Media Lab we looked at the nexus between the game, advertisers, and consumer social activity to see which brands made the most of the opportunity and here is what we found:

Important Stats

  • 5,679,596 Super Bowl related tweets
  • 215,457 increase in Super Bowl related Facebook Likes
  • New York Giants were the clear winner on Twitter with more than 1.5 million mentions
  • Doritos topped advertisers with more than 47,000 tweets during the game
  • 46 countries were tweeting about the big game


  • Consumers are transforming ads into online commentary and content - the number of tweets and likes generated during the game soared.
  • The game continued to activate fan bases up to the last minute. You'd have thought Giants fans would have liked them sometime during the regular season, but the week up to the game through the fourth quarter saw an additional 10% growth in the Giants fan base
  • Advertisers who pre-released commercials on YouTube were able to build audience pregame, riding the wave of pregame anticipation to generate millions of consumer initiated views.

We spent the week leading up to the game through 11 p.m. on game day tracking social media mentions and likes for participating teams and advertiser brands. Here, in a visual nutshell, are some highlights about social media use during Super Bowl 46.

ExactTarget Super Bowl Infographic

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