Who Won the 2013 Social Media #SuperBowl? #Infographic

The Super Bowl was slightly different than last year for the city of Indianapolis. IN 2012, we were the host city and millions around the world watched what has become America's largest sport event. With that said, New Orleans was an excellent host city and we were excited to track the social media experience of the Super Bowl once again. 

This year we asked our partner, Visible Technologies, to help us track the social media conversation relating to the Social Super Bowl. Visible is the leader in social media monitoring, analytics, and services for enterprises globally. They are an award-winning technology partner and their expertise helps businesses analyze social media conversations to better understand consumer preferences, market dynamics, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and other information critical to a company’s reputation and brands.

Super Stats:

  • 24.1 million tweets generated around the Super Bowl
  • Calvin Klein captured the leading spot for advertisers with 28% share of voice
  • Ray Lewis was crowned Social MVP with a total of 180,771 tweets
  • John Harbaugh was the winner of the "HarBowl," topping his brother Jim with 44% positive sentiment
  • Beyonce generated 5.5 million tweets on her halftime show alone

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