Welcome Campaign for Your Mobile Customers

What happens after your customer engages with your mobile program? Your welcome strategy for any new mobile customer should include a combination of channels—email, mobile, and social—to support consumers’ cross-channel behaviors.

Don’t think of “welcome” as a single message. Whether your welcome strategy covers the first 10 days or two months, as with any relationship, it takes some time to get to know each other.

Here’s a sample step-by-step welcome campaign. We’ll use a retail company’s mobile app as an example, but you’ll see how these basic ideas can apply to almost any industry.

Day 1: Downloads Mobile App - Push Notification - Welcome Email
Jane Doe downloads your mobile app to her iPad. When she opens the app, she registers with her name and email address. She clicks from the app home page to your summer collection, then clicks on two different skirts. At that point, an alert window asks if she’d like to receive push messages. She accepts and closes the app. She then checks her inbox to find a mobile-optimized welcome email from your company. This email:

  1. Thanks her for downloading the app
  2. Reminds her of the key app benefits 
  3. Invites her to connect with other fashionistas on your Facebook page and Twitter

Day 5: Second Welcome Email - Twitter - Email & Mobile Coupons
On her phone during her lunch break, Jane sees a second welcome email, then an update from your Twitter account about your loyalty program. Later that day on her laptop, she signs up for your program, which includes both email and mobile coupons.

Day 10: mCommerce and Push Notification
Jane receives a push notification about a sale you’re having on summer skirts. While she waits at the hair salon, she uses your app to buy three skirts.

Since consumers don’t operate in single-channel silos, marketers can’t afford to either. Whether you’re a retailer offering an SMS coupon or a bank offering account balance push notifications, make sure your messaging channels work together to provide a real value to your customer.

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