Use @Klout to Complete Your #MarchMadness Bracket

So you're stuck? Staring at your bracket, you've scribbled, scratched, erased and re-filled your bracket multiple times. Not sure what to do? Let us help. 

They say teams are only as good on the court as they are off the court. Typically, this saying refers to the classroom. In today's digital era, though, perhaps that should apply to the internet. More specifically, maybe the saying should go, "A team is only as good as its social media marketing."  

Either way, we wanted to know how the teams stacked up on Klout. Yesterday we simply gave you the handles and hashtags for each team. Now let's take a look at how the teams perform with those handles--and we're not talking about the cross-over dribble.

South Region: According to the selection committee, the @UofLSports basketball team is the best team in the field. According to Klout, they are far from it. With a score of 65, the Cardinals barely escaped the unthinkable 16 seed upset edging out @libertyflames by 1 before being eliminated in the next round by @MizzouHoops. The second seed in the South didn't fare much better. @Duke_MBB, with a score, of 69 advanced to the round of 32 before running into the social goliath, @GoBEARCATS. The #Bearcats eventually defeated @MSU_Basketball (71) in the Sweet 16 and @OregonMBB in the Elite 8 to make it to the Final 4.

West Region: The surprise in this region came from the pesky #Badgers. Critics will tell you Badger basketball is boring basketball. Twitter will tell you the exact opposite. With a score of 71, the @BadgerMBB was able to easily advance the Elite 8 before knocking out @AZAthletics to reach the Final 4. The other big surprise in this region was the @CycloneMBB account which defeated @OhioStateHoops and their massive sutdent and alumni base. This region had the lowest average Klout score. 

East Region: With the traditional powers of college basketball, it is no surprise this region had the highest average Klout score. @KU_Hoops, @UNC_Basketball, @NovaAthletics, @umichbball, @UCLAMBB, @GatorZoneMBK, and @GeorgetownHoops highlight this stellar field. Not surprisingly, it is the #GoBruins and #UNCBBall squads that advanced to the Elite 8. With a score of 78 the Tarheels were able to upset the number 1 seed #kubball on their way to the Final 4. 

Midwest Region: While @indianambb may have one of the most effective hashtags in the country (#iubb), the Hoosiers weren't able to advance out of the Sweet and Social 16 in this tournament. The forever-Cinderella @ButlerMBB also was not able to make it past the Sweet 16 (we do however appreciate their cute mascot on Twitter). This region's Klout results may be the most realistic as the second seed and fourth seed met in the Elite 8. Ultimately, #orangenation from @cuse edged out @CanesHoops to make it to the Final 4. 

Final 4: Here we have two universities that choose to use one account (@cuse and @GoBEARCATS) for all of their sports teams and two universities (@BadgerMBB and @UNC_Basketball) that use a specic account for their men's basketball teams. All four teams have an incredibly loyal and dedicated fanbase. #Bearcats defeat the #Badgers by 14 Klout points and #orangenation narrowly escapes #UNCBBall for their trip to our Klout championship. There, the real-life underdog and tenth seeded #Bearcats beat the @cuse and rest of the field with their incredible Klout score of 85. 

So the Cincinnati Bearcats are the king of Klout. Can they be the King of the Court as well? Tune in and see.

Don't forget to follow along on the @ExactTarget blog for updates and infographics as the real-life NCAA tournament progresses.

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