Twitter Tip: Make A List… Check it Twice.

Once people start adding some of the social thought leaders to Twitter, they often come to me and say they are considering to "unfollow" them.  These folks Tweet so often, that the other people they follow become lost in the shuffle.  I have good news for them and for you.  By utilizing lists, you can continue to get key information from the most active leaders on Twitter, without losing touch with others.

Twitter ListsI will share how I segment my personal lists, and you can find what works for you.  I have a "Work Friends" and "Family and Friends" list.  If people Tweet frequently, I can gleen that from my main Twitter stream.  But just so I don't miss out on my work colleagues and friends, I can click on these lists and it will filter my inbox as you see below.

Here are three quick tips with lists:

1.  Decide what information is important to you-  One of my good friends @jessicabkoch has a list for the celebrities she follows.  If you are using Twitter for business, you may want to segment your customers by "Enterprise," "Mid-Market", and "Small Business."  Keep the names simple and easy to understand should you wish to share with others.  Lists are effective for B2B and B2C marketers.

2.  Determine if you want to make public or private-  Lists that are public can be followed by other Twitter users.  If you have a list called "Prospects," it probably makes sense to keep that private from your competition.

3.  Check it twice!-  Make sure you update your lists on a set shedule.  I was embarrassed when one of my fellow workers noticed she wasn't on my "Work Friends" list.  It was not a slight, I just had not updated the list since its inception. And I found out that she and about 30 other folks were unintentionally missing.

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