Twitter Chat Preview: Getting Connected with Mobile at #mmaf2013

This week we are holding a special Twitter chat on Wednesday, January 30 at 2pm EST to coincide with this week's exciting mobile announcements! This virtual chat is hosted directly on Twitter by following @ExactTarget and the #ETMobile hashtag.

We are excited for this special chat with guest, R.J. Talyor (@rjtalyor), VP of Mobile Products, who is responsible for mobile product strategy and innovation at ExactTarget.  R.J. will be coming to us live from the Mobile Marketing Association Forum: The Power of Mobile in the Marketing Mix (#mmaf2013) to discuss his insights on mobile marketing best practices and how important mobile is to the cross- channel marketing mix.

Here's a round-up of the questions that we'll discuss during the chat:

  1. We've moved past the "Year of Mobile." If 2013 is when mobile ROI takes hold, how do marketers get past experiment stage?
  2. What is the one thing you say marketers don't know about Push Messaging? 
  3. What brands or industries are doing an excellent job with mobile in their cross-channel mix? 
  4. How can B2B marketers learn from their B2C counterparts in mobile marketing? 
  5. What are your favorite blogs or resources for mobile marketing trends and best practices? 

Join the conversation this Wednesday at 2pm EST. Just follow the #ETMobile hashtag in your favorite Twitter application, and participate by adding the #ETMobile hashtag to your tweet.  

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