Travel Alert! – Upgrade your Travel and Hospitality Marketing Strategy to First Class

Travel Email MarketingWe know the travel and hospitality industry is competitive. That’s why we’ve put together industry-proven ideas on ways to bring more travelers to your site, drive online transactions, and grow your business in our new Travel Marketing Services Whitepaper.

It’s always been important to send relevant messaging to your customers and prospects. What’s new in today’s landscape, though, is the amount of subscriber data that marketers can use to create personalized, effective one-to-one travel email marketing.

Watch your Hospitality And Travel Marketing program take flight as we teach you how to:
  • Convert visitors into subscribers through proven list growth methods
  • Cross-sell with ExactTarget automation capabilities to achieve more transactions
  • Continue the conversation with your customers and encourage loyal subscriber relationships
Download the Travel Marketing Services Whitepaper now!

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