Top 25 Posts About Using Twitter’s Vine

We are doing a lot of research around Twitter's new video application, Vine. I wanted to share the top 25 posts that I find the most valuable when defining, building, and activated a Twitter Vine video for your brand. 

  1. Pro Tips For Marketing Your Own Stunning Vine - Mashable 

  2. How Writers and Readers and Use Twitter's Vine - MediaBistro

  3. 3 Tips to Help B2Bs Use Twitter Vine by Mathew Sweezey

  4. 10 Tips for Using Twitter's Vine App - MakerMama

  5. Have You Tried Vine Yet? Tips for using Twitter's New App - Good World Media 

  6. Five Things to Know As You Get Started with Vine - CNet

  7. 5 Tips to Help Business Get Started with Vine by Kelsey Uebelhor 

  8. Tips for Vine, Twitter's New Video App - WMSkill

  9. How to Use Twitter's Vine to Create and Share Videos - Mashable 

  10. 5 Ways Brands Can Use Twitters Vine - AdAge

  11. 4 Ways to Engage with Twitter's Vine Videos - Website Magazine 

  12. 15 Brands Already Using Twitter's New Vine App - SocialFresh

  13. Marketing with Twitter Vine - SocialLinkMart

  14. 4 Cools Ways to Promote Your Brand with Vine - Fishbat

  15. Five Ways to Use Vine for PR & Marketing - prSpeak

  16. The 2 Ways More People are Misusing Vine - Convince & Convert 

  17. Three Reasons Why Twitter's Vine is the Future of Content Marketing - eConsultancy 

  18. Vine Hits Social Scene with a Bang - Marketing Blur

  19. A Beginners Guide to Vine - Remarkably Domestic 

  20. 5 Unofficial Ways to Watch Twitter Vine Videos - Mobotricks 

  21. One Week In, Vine Could be Twice as Big as SocialCam - TechCrunch 

  22. How to Use Vine to Share Animated Gifs and Stand Out on Twitter - U Stand Out 

  23. 3 Ways Your Organization Can Use Twitter's New Mobile Video Service - Vine - PIC Net 

  24. 5 Ways to Use Twitter's Vine Videos for Easy Visual Marketing - SociallySorted 

  25. Vine - What a Six Second Video Can do For Business - AllTwitter 

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