‘Tis The Season for Sending Emails, Part 1

Florists approaching Valentine’s Day… hotels and airlines as summer vacation nears… and perhaps most notably, retailers between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are parts of every year where email sends spike for certain businesses. This is even more pronounced for niche companies who only send during one particular time of the year.

There’s no denying it: seasonal senders face unique deliverability challenges. If you're one of them, understanding these challenges is the first step to making the most out of your busy season.

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we’ll explore these unique challenges. Then in Part 2 and Part 3, we’ll offer some tips and guidelines to help seasonal senders hit the inbox!

Unique Challenges:

  • Lack of recent sending history from a particular IP address often results in severe rate limits at ISPs the moment heavy email traffic starts coming from it. For companies blasting to their subscribers out of the blue, this almost always raises red flags at the other end of the email pipe.
  • Seasonal senders don’t have a ramp-up period whereby they can slowly build their email volume and sending reputation over a few weeks. The window of time to deliver relevant content to their target audience is typically very small.
  • Higher probability of sending to bouncing addresses is all but unavoidable when a company only sends mailings once or twice a year. Free webmail accounts are routinely deactivated by their providers after periods of inactivity, and emailing to a high number of inactive accounts will degrade one’s sending reputation quickly.

What other challenges do you face as a seasonal sender? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Don’t forget to check back for Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, to find out what seasonal senders can do to meet these challenges.

You can also learn more about how ExactTarget can help you hit the inbox by visiting our Deliverability Services page.

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