Time to Build a Real Time Dashboard

One of the features of the Interactive Marketing Hub is to give you real time information, and the Pulse Dashboard is the most visible way to take advantage of it.  Last year in the hub we gave you the ability to customize your Pulse dashboard by selecting and sorting the gadgets you wanted to see. What you may not realize is that we have responded to a very common request from our Hub users that allows you to create multiple Fans and Followers Gadgets on your dashboard. For those of you who manage multiple brands, you are probably monitoring multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Now you can put all of them on your Pulse Dashboard and see your Fans and Followers counts in one place. You can also see the trends of your Fans and Followers activity and make sure you know what's happening with your social accounts in real time.

You are not just limited to monitoring your own brands. I have set up my own account to monitor some of the big social sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube),  and comparing the activity in each of them. You can see in the screenshot below that I have their Facebook accounts on the top row and their Twitter accounts on the bottom. I can see seen differences across these channels and I can reorganize my dashboard to monitor specific trends.

Once you set up your Fans and Followers gadgets it's easy to organize them in a way that gives you the information that you are looking for fast, both when you log in and as you use your Hub applications (like Automation Studio, MobileConnect, etc.). The full screen Pulse view is accessible from within other Interactive Marketing Hub applications by clicking on the Pulse  icon on the Top Navigation bar.

Now it is easier to see how your brands are doing, in real time.

For more information  on Pulse or the Interactive Marketing Hub go to the Release Center in 3sixty, or try the new Hub Tutorials in the Learn section.

If you aren’t doing so already, make sure to follow us @exacttarget.  Do you have questions about or ideas for the Hub? Jin the conversation on Twitter about the Interactive Marketing Hub using hashtag #ethub.

Eric Hannon is part of the Interactive Marketing Hub Team.

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