The Power of Social Login

According to Janrain, a user management platform, 58% prefer signing into a brand’s site with their Facebook ID. This is the preferred social ID by a long shot, but most people prefer the flexibility of signing in with whatever social ID they choose. You’ll find that many sites offer options at login.

As Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels like Pinterest become the largest source of referral traffic, you need to make sure your site is optimized for social, just like it's probably optimized for search.

In fact, while Pinterest is still relatively new, 23% of users search for the brand after seeing an image on this popular site and 11% view or purchase coupons! Customers can create an account on Pinterest with their email, Facebook ID, or Twitter ID. I personally used my Facebook ID to set up my Pinterest Account.

Surprisingly, many sites are still not optimized for social logins from Twitter and Facebook. According to Michael Olson, Product Marketing Manager for Janrain, marketers can benefit in so many ways by this simply update to your site.

He said, Social login helps solve the challenge of how to collect more accurate data on your users without sacrificing registration conversion rates. Social login shortens the registration process to a single click and gives you instant access to rich demographic, psychographic, and social graph data on your users.

This social profile data can be leveraged for content personalization or product recommendations and more tailored segmentation and targeting. Social sharing lets your users broadcast content and activities from your site to their social networks, increasing brand advocacy and creating an effective source of qualified referral traffic to your site.”

So – have you optimized for your site for social? If not, it's time to start now!

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