The Guide to Social Media Advertising #Infographic

With social media ad revenues expected to grow to $11 billion dollars by the year 2017, social advertising has become a huge topic of interest amongst marketers.  In fact, Facebook alone is expected to make close to $1 billion from its mobile ad revenue in 2013, according to the latest estimates.

Social media is fast becoming a bigger part of the ad buying efforts of brands and agencies across the globe, and for good reason. As Salesforce Marketing Cloud VP Peter Goodman notes, “Social ads reach the audience in which you’ve invested a lot of money and time into nurturing.  You can see which audiences are engaging the most, so you can ensure that your ads are being bought correctly and you’re actually growing your fan base based on true data.”

Let’s take a look at the current state of the social ads ecosystem with this infographic:

Social Media Ads Infographic

Info-Tech Vendor Landscape

Salesforce Marketing Cloud named a champion and trend setter in social media management

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