Subscribers Rule: Mobile Push & Foursquare

Serve the individual. Honor their unique preferences. Deliver them timely, relevant content.

This is the "Subscribers Rule" philosophy that ExactTarget has been preaching to the email marketing choir for years. While we define "subscribers" as those receiving email communications, the Subscribers Rule philosophy holds true across all interactive channels. 
So I was pretty excited to see the latest Foursquare update reflect this philosophy! Foursquare now allows you to receive push notifications based on your friends and family--no matter where they are in the world.
I can now choose to receive push notifications based on three different settings: 
  • Always: The preferred stalker setting or those for your close friends and family! 
  • Nearby: The standard setting for whenever friends are near you .
  • Off: The "unsubscribe" setting to never receive notifications.  
I love being able to see when my San Francisco friends check into a new restaurant or see our London team check into the ExactTarget office
Frequency, relevancy, and timeliness don't just apply to email subscribers. They should reflect your holistic interactive marketing strategy including your Twitter followers, Foursquare family, and mobile app crew.    
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