Strategies for Integrating Mobile into a Cross-Channel Campaign

Today’s consumers are mobile—there’s no way around it. They’re constantly on-the-go, sending and receiving communications of all types, and they expect that information will be (literally) in-hand at all times. This week I’ll be providing more tips and instructions to build a mobile program that complements your cross-channel strategy and promotes consumer engagement.

These tips might seem simple, but remember – powerful mobile marketing doesn’t have to be complex!


In order to remain top-of-mind and drive overall campaign success, it’s essential that you engage consumers across multiple channels. To do this, let mobile complement your existing email and social strategies—by working together, your entire interactive marketing program will see results.

And remember, channel consistency is essential for success and cohesiveness, but content within each channel must be relevant and provide value to the consumer. So, make sure to keep your overall campaign goals in mind.


How you integrate mobile into your cross-channel marketing campaigns depends largely upon what you’re trying to achieve. And finding the right marketing mix can be difficult. The best thing to do is TEST until you find what works for your brand!

Here are a couple of use cases to consider when planning:

Strategy 1: Spread different campaign promotions across channels.

  • Send event details via email.
  • Promote sign-up via a webpage.
  • Generate engagement via social networks.
  • Send reminders via mobile.

Strategy 2: Use one channel to promote consumer engagement with another channel.

  • Email promotes mobile and social opt-in.
  • Social channels support email strategy by promoting similar content in a fresh and engaging way.
  • SMS serves as an actionable, on-the-go reminder for engaged consumers and is a way to ensure that events or promotions (that they heard about via email or your website) aren’t forgotten.

Hungry for more cross-channel guidance? Check out the Field Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing.

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