Steps to Increasing Mobile Engagement and Conversions

Consumers who interact with your brand through mobile-specific channels are among your most engaged. But once the “new” wears off, how do you re-excite and reengage those customers?

Be consistent and keep evolving. That may sound like a contradiction, but it’s not. Here’s why:

Be Consistent
Consistent SMS, push, or email offers, for example, mean consumers will begin to anticipate your message. For instance, send a Friday evening code for a free appetizer at your restaurant, or a free movie rental the first Monday of every month. Try testing several different offers and tracking the most successful one before deciding on your consistent offer.

Keep Evolving
Context is key. Be smart about when you send so your communications are relevant. Can consumers make purchases via your app? Try implementing a cart abandonment push notifications to draw them back to the purchase. Send a message such as “Your cart will expire in 2 minutes” a half-hour after the user has been inactive. Or try a simple reminder like “You have 3 items in your cart. Do you want to check out?” Combine channels to best serve each consumer. For instance, if you send an email about account renewal and it goes unopened, can you follow up via SMS a week later? Having two channels coincide gives you a strategic second touchpoint.

If you have customers who have completely disengaged, make a bold move to get their attention. Offer a drastic discount for a purchase or conversion via your app, for example. Customers who respond to coupons and engage via SMS are more likely to buy again or stay engaged. Consider creating win-back or comeback campaigns, and monitor closely to determine which tactics are successful in drawing consumers back in.

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