Social Media Tools You Can Use: Interview with Elizabeth Morgan from Visible Technologies

We believe social media engagement is crucial for brands - and just as important is listening and monitoring.   Elizabeth Morgan from Visible Technologies and I sat down for a quick chat. 

SM: So what exactly is Visible?
EM: Visible is the leader in social media monitoring, analytics, and services for enterprises globally. Visible’s technology and expertise helps businesses analyze social media conversations to better understand consumer preferences, market dynamics, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and other information critical to a company’s reputation and brands.

SM: We have a lot of small business and mid-market customers, do you have a solution for them?
EM: Choosing the right social intelligence solution has more to do with your business needs than your business size.  Visible offers a range in technology options and services so that we can support enterprise companies as well as small and mid-level companies who need to be able to access their data and uncover deeper analytics in an agile and robust way. 

SM: Are you seeing any new trends in social media listening and monitoring?
EM: More companies are beginning to expand their social programs from listening alone to include engaging with their clients, creating a unique voice within their social space and driving revenue and retention from opportunities that naturally exist within social conversations.

SM: Can you share some results from using Visible?
EM: A CPG company uncovered a product issue via their call center and research studies then used social data from Twitter, Blogs, and Facebook to understand the magnitude of the issue and identify the issue by specific demographics.  The company reworked the product formula.  By combining data from multiple sources Survey, Call Center and Digital Marketing Campaign Response Data with insights from social channels the CPG company was able to update their product positioning, marketing, and media buying.  


SM: Thanks Elizabeth!
EM: Thanks Susan... see you at Connections!

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