Social Media Numbers Behind the #Oscars (Infographic)

I am going to out myself. I am a movie buff and like millions of people across the world I tuned into the Academy Awards last night for all the glamor and celebrity goodness.
The annual awards has become one of advertisers’ favorite vehicles to reach women and trend-setting upscale consumers who love contributing to the $32 billion dollar a year world of movies.  Studios, networks and advertisers attempted to tap into the power of social media to connect with affluent social savvy consumers last night, and we took notes.
While the Academy may have selected the winners receiving the coveted awards, our team at the ExactTarget Social Media Lab tracked last night’s social chatter to understand who won in the eyes of consumers on social media.  Here is what we found :
Important Stats

  • 1,980,930 total tweets for the evening
  • 633,879 tweeting accounts
  • Meryl Streep won for Best Actress with 38,202 tweets
  • Brazil brought in 13% of the total users for the show
  • Brad Pitt won the coveted Best Actor award despite losing in the actual show


  • Harry Potter fans tend to be the most Twitter savvy when upset. @_Snape_ account took the most retweets and mentions for the night.
  • Media check-in website, GetGlue proved that users love connecting with the shows they are watching with a massive 170,256 check-ins
  • The majority of the most mentioned and retweeted accounts were not that of celebrities but of commentators on the show.

Infographic - you can see a larger version of this infographic here.
At the lab we tracked the conversation from 5pm (2/26)  to 12:30am (2/27) EST (an hour before and after the show). We ranked Twitter mentions for celebrities, movies, studios, and designers on the red carpet. Here, in a visual nutshell, are some of the highlights surrounding social media and the Academy Awards.



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