10 Social Media Advertising Stats

Social media advertising is hottest topic in all of advertising, and for good reason. That was the message delivered by Peter Goodman, VP of at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in a webinar yesterday titled "The State of Social Ads."

Nearly 900 attendees watched Peter discuss the current social advertising landscape, the benefits of using social advertising, and ways in which you can make the most of your social advertising campaigns. Below is a list of major points covered by Goodman in the webinar, which you can use for your own social advertising initiatives.

  1. $11 billion are forecast to be spent in the United States by 2017 (BIA/Kelsey)
  2.  64% of advertisers expect to increase social media spend in 2013 (BIA/Kelsey)
  3.  Socials media is currently where your customers are spending time - 20% of consumer time is being spent online, while 30% is spent on mobile (Nielsen)
  4. Social media advertising has the reach of TV with unprecedented targeting (Experian Digital Marketing Report)
  5. Targeting opportunities for social advertising: demographics, action targeting, custom interests, broad categories, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and partner categories
  6. Social media advertising gives access to the enormous social graph, and provides word of mouth marketing at scale
  7. Mobile & local advertising are incredibly powerful opportunities to capitalize on real-time offers in which users are presented targeted ads based on where they are currently located/shopping/interacting
  8. Social media advertising comes in many formats, including mobile, Facebook News Feed, Twitter timeline, mobile app install, and more
  9. Social media advertising goals: growing fans and followers, distributing content, and direct response
  10. 940 people age 50-65 listened to In Da Club by 50 Cent in the last 24 hours (

Key Takeaways

  • Content is king. Make sure your creative is appealing, and don't be afraid to convert well-performing content directly into advertisements; it's performing well for a reason
  • A/B test at scale. Run different ads across different target groups with different creatives in order to determine the right combination for your campaign; think about breaking down to a granular level but not too granular
  • Experiment. Try with different ad units, different pieces of content, different targeting, and different conversions
  • Automate for scale. Advertising is a 24/7 business, but people who purchase ads don't work 24/7, so you need to use tools to help cover the times you can't be there

Missed the webinar? Click below to watch the full recording:

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