Social Marketing Tip: Humanizing a B2B Brand

The popularity of our 140 Twitter Marketing Tips got me thinking about one of our submissions: 

People don't buy from logos. People buy from people. You social engagement should reflect that.

As a B2B social marketer, I often get asked if B2B can actually leverage social media. Even if you are responsible for a B2B social strategy, you are still marketing a product or service to a PERSON.  

As a result (and maybe even more so) B2B brands have to humanize their brand and social provides an easy way to do that. Some ways ExactTarget does this: 

  • Our Twitter Background. While our Twitter avatar is our logo, our background provides the names and faces behind our major Twitter accounts including @ExactTarget and our different geos: @ExactTargetUK, @ExactTargetBR, @ExactTargetAUS. Whenever you tweet at these handles, the people responsible for responding are the people listed on the background. If you ask us a question, we might not always have the answer but we can always find someone within ExactTarget who does. 
  • 3sixtyLive Events. We encourage interaction between our product and thought leaders with our users at various events around the country through our 3sixtyLive user communities. This also including all of us getting together at Connections 2012 during the Hub Crawl!
  • Behind the Scenes @ ExactTarget. Our blog regularly features highlights of "being orange" and our Instagram feed aims to give you a fun behind-the-scenes look at the corporate culture at ExactTarget. From how we spent the holidays to background on our various office buildings, you can feel like one of ET nation! 

As someone who doesn't write code, these initiatives didn't take technical planning and resources. Just our internal brand advocates standing up and recognizing the power of social, content, and personal interactions. B2B can be social - it just takes people! 

To get 139 more Twitter Tips, check out our presentation over on Slideshare. 

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