Salesforce Radian6 Will Expand Social Listening to Sina Wiebo,

social listening New Salesforce Radian6 listening capabilities allow marketers to scan social networks like Sina Weibo for social media content.

Social media listening can be a bit like being in a relationship; you start out wanting to listen to everything the other person is saying, but you eventually only start listening to what you want to hear. For many brands listening to conversations around the globe, they have not been choosing to ignore a large part of the world; instead, they haven’t had the technology to fill tune in to social networks in massive countries like Russia and China.

With today’s announcement of upcoming Radian6 social listening coverage for China and Russia, global brands will be able to listen to conversations and engage with people on popular social networks, including Sina Weibo and VKontakte ( Why is this important? Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons why you should stop selectively listening and open your ears to truly global conversations.

Conversations are happening, even if you aren’t listening. This is a topic we’ve discussed before when talking about the importance of monitoring social media in general. Sina Weibo boasts over 500 million users, while VK has nearly 200 million accounts. And social media adoption in China and Russia continues to grow, which means your marketing strategy, particularly if you are a global brand who has an interest in those markets, needs to grow alongside it. And this is not about geographical coverage. For example, there are estimated to be more than 600,000 Sina Weibo users in Australia alone. In a country with 22 million people, that’s a significant audience that Australian companies today are not engaging with.


Listening dictates publishing. If you’ve yet to establish a presence on social networks like Sina Weibo and VK, the first thing you need to do is understand how people use the social networks and what they’re saying about your brand or related topics. Just as people use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. differently, social networks in Russia and China have their own intricacies. So before jumping into these networks, listen for brand mentions and industry keywords to inform your all of your marketing, not just social.

Measure globally in a central hub. One of the challenges of a lack of coverage with massive social networks like Sina Weibo and VK is the forced workaround of collecting data and matching it with your social data from the rest of the world. This becomes tricky when delivering reports, such as share of voice, at the end of each day, week, or month. Collecting data from these social networks in the same place you already monitor Facebook, Twitter, etc. allows you to easily analyze performance, sentiment and more in one place. Less copy and pasting and more data analyzing will help you make changes faster and more effectively.

Keep in mind the cultural intricacies of other languages: Here's what Christopher S. Penn, author of Marketing White Belt and Vice President of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications:

"Salesforce Radian6's opening into the Chinese and Russian markets is certainly a useful one for marketers, but there are challenges for marketers using social media in these countries. Not only is listening in general important, but a deep understanding of each nation's specific cultures is essential. Few countries have as rich, as complex, as old, and as nuanced a culture as China. For example, in the Chinese language, there are series of four character idioms that have meanings which are only loosely coupled to their literal translations. For example, suppose you were using the Radian platform and someone said one day, three autumns (yi ri san qiu). If you're not versed in Chinese culture, you might mistake this as a simple statement of time, or even possibly a calendar update, when the idiom means to greatly miss someone or something (a single day feels as long as three years) – a sentiment your brand might want to capture.

Listening with tools like Salesforce Radian6 is only the beginning of a marketing platform in Russia and China. To maximize your success, you'll need to grow your team with people native to those cultures who have an intrinsic understanding of what's being said that you're listening to."

To learn more about today's Salesforce Radian6 announcement, you can read the full news release here.

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