SMS and Voice Campaigns at College Career Fairs

Recently, ExactTarget has been making appearances at college career fairs. One way that ExactTarget distinguishes itself from the other companies is by featuring some of its own technologies such as SMS messages and voice campaigns.

When students visit the ExactTarget booth they are given a costar that has a short code and a keyword that will allow the student to sign up for a SMS campaign (see picture). Once they sign up for the drip campaign they will receive a text message, voicemail, and an email detailing the positions available to college students. 

This same process can be used in other venues such as trade shows or special events. According to an interview of Patrick Moorhead, these types of extremely targeted campaigns create an unusually high unique click though rate.  An SMS campaign cannot only separate your company from the crowd, it also provides your subscribers with valuable information.

For more information about starting a text campaign for your next big event check out the whitepaper Text Is Next.

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