Retain Your Customers with Mobile

Once a customer has engaged with a single mobile campaign, how do you build brand loyalty and continue to nurture the customer lifecycle? It all boils down to relevance.

How can you make your mobile strategy more personalized and less “batch and blast”? Data collection. While you don’t want to scare off a new customer by asking for too much information too soon, give customers easy access to update message preferences with a unified profile center, providing you with a common view of the consumer, no matter the channel.

How can you keep your long-time app users coming back for more? If you have a loyalty program, can you offer double points for mobile purchases? Use a one-time incentive-based email to reengage lapsed mobile users. Or consider how you can reward loyal customers with geo-location targeting. For example, if a long-time app user is within a half-mile of your restaurant, send a push message with an offer for a buy-one-get-one-free entrée. This level of relevance creates a sense of personalized service and added convenience for your customers.

How are you using brand loyalty to retain customers? 

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