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Each week, marketers from around the world join the ExactTarget Nexus partner ecosystem on Twitter for a conversation about trends and best practices in the interactive marketing industry.  We call it the Nexus Café. 

iGoDigital TeamLast week’s #nexuscafe chat (full transcript) featured ExactTarget Partner, iGoDigital. The team gathered in their conference room (pictured left) to host a conversation around Personalized Product Recommendations via email and online. Six out of the top 10 online retailers use iGoDigital for product recommendations and are experiencing significant results. 

The topic of Product Recommendations spurred a lot of comments and opinions from the #nexuscafe audience following the #nexuscafe chat. We’ve all received personal recommendations at some point in our online purchasing – some good and some bad.  The participants in the discussion pointed out that it was important  that product recommendations are a soft sell, relevant and timely.

iGoDigital gave the following tips for Product Recommendations in email/online:

  • Recommendations in marketing emails should be based on the subscriber's recent purchases and should refresh with every open.
  •  Email Recommendations have to be relevant to earn clicks. Users stop paying attention when relevance is lost.
  • A customer recently tested abandoned cart with recommendations and without. With recommendations drove 2x the click-throughs. Remarketing messages (abandon carts) can outperform traditional email sends by 20x. 
  • Browsing triggers are innovative. Back-In-Stock Triggers are highly effective and profitable and can have 60% open rates.
  • Potpourri Group is running an A/B test of online recommendations from iGoDigital. In week 1 recommendations drove a 7% conversion boost.
  • For the site, Lids’ personalized recommendations s are 18x more successful on the homepage; their recently viewed recommendations were the best performer on the home page. Product-based are ideal for cart.
  • Adding reviews in recommendations is encouraged b/c it provides reassurance that the product is high quality and a good value. iGoDigtal partners with PowerReviews and Bazaarvoice for customer reviews.
  • iGoDigital gives merchandisers the ability to keep consistent branding and advertise to end customers with ExactTarget emails.
You too can begin to acquire these tips and tricks - join us for #NexusCafe every Thursday from 11am - 12pm EST to discuss emerging topics and trends from across the digital marketing world.

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