Personalizing Email for Sales Agents Boosts Response

Personalizing Email for Sales Agents Boosts ResponseI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you sell through sales agents or dealers, one of the smartest things you can do to boost email response is to personalize the email by sending it “on behalf” of the customer’s sales rep or account manager.

Putting the agent’s picture and contact information on the email will boost response rates by a factor of 15-20%. The reason? No matter how advanced and how sophisticated we get at using technology to improve sales and marketing, one fact remains constant: People by from People.

And you can automate the entire process using “dynamic content” technology to personalize the content of every email you send based on what is relevant to each customer.

Personalized Email Works for GLS Companies
Personalizing Email for Sales Agents Boosts ResponseGLS Companies sends personalized email on behalf of each sales agent to people they meet at trade shows. The Integrated Communication Solutions (SM) company also uses personalized email to nurture leads.

Jim Benedict, Marketing Director for GLS, reports that this tactic is being used effectively to shorten the sales cycle.

Expedia Leverages Personalization
As reported in the December 2nd issue of MarketingSherpa, Expedia CruiseShipCenters, a brick-and-click cruise agency has more than 2,500 cruise consultants who operate independently or from franchised locations across North America.  The cruise agency uses an automated, centralized email and website system that creates personalized communications for its 2,500 sales agents. Putting an agent’s face and name on correspondence has lifted clickthroughs 23%. You can read the entire article online at no charge until December 12th.

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