No more spreadsheets, duct tape, and Band-Aids!

Ready to think about integrated digital marketing technologies but not sure where to start? Don't worry, you're not alone! So many organizations know that integration makes sense but for whatever reason haven't taken the first step. 

Turn Data Into ResultsIn this new paper: 10 Ideas to Turn Data Into Results, we collaborated with top industry experts like Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, ATG, Web Analytics Demystified and others to discuss how companies of every size and industry are integrating their marketing technologies. I couldn’t be more excited about their insights into email, customer relationship management (CRM), web analytics, and eCommerce and how bringing these systems together can achieve two primary benefits – improved access to data and streamlined business processes.

 Improved access to data.
Integrations provide a more holistic view of information so you can see everything you need to know about customers, campaigns, sales, and more—all in one place. Consolidating data into a single location provides visibility into emerging trends and enables you to make better decisions, take quicker action, and focus on driving specific business results instead of spending your time manually pulling disparate data together via spreadsheets, duct tape, and Band-Aids.

Streamlined business processes.
Remember the days when we’d separately depend on a computer to email, a television to watch movies, and a cell phone solely to make calls? While we still do these things today, we’ve also created devices that make our lives easier by allowing us to do everything at once—from a single device—helping us to be more efficient, more connected, and more productive. Integrations work the same way. Now, technology users can work in the interface they’re most comfortable with (i.e. sending email from a CRM, eCommerce, other integrated platform, or accessing web analytics data through your email platform), helping them integrate communications and take action quicker and more efficiently. 

No one integrates just to integrate. You integrate because it increases your level of engagement with the customer, helps you go to market more effectively, and provides tremendous long-term returns. With advice from the experts, there’s no excuse for not using integrations to get the most out of your data and connect with customers. It’s time to get serious about CRM email integrations, get the report today!

Scott Roth, Senior Director of Partner Marketing & Alliances  - The Partner Team
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