#NexusCafe Twitter Chat Recap: Non-Profit Digital Marketing

Each week, marketers from around the world join the ExactTarget Nexus partner ecosystem on Twitter for a conversation about trends and best practices in the interactive marketing industry.  We call the virtual coffee chat the Nexus Café.
Dane Nutty
Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with non-profit digital marketers including our featured guest, Dane Nutty, the program manager for the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank, an ExactTarget client. A number of other marketers joined in to discuss the ways that non-profits effectively leverage digital marketing campaigns to promote their mission. A summary of the conversation is below:

What is the biggest challenge for non-profit marketers?
  • @milkbankguy: Balancing resources - using limited funds and achieving the highest ROI.
  • @AdriNFletcher: Time/ budget constraints, using unpaid interns, convincing "old hats" in the organization (just to name a few)
  • @caseymaeknox: Identifying, targeting and communicating individuals aligned with YOUR point-of-view

What do you think is a non-profit marketer’s “secret weapon” with engagement?
  • @INperinatal: Our secret weapon is our mission! We've got an emotional connection to our cause that not all companies have.
  • @briandhelton: Telling a compelling story.
  • @caleb616: Non-profit's secret weapon is a mission that people can be passionate about. Some for-profit companies have this too
  • @milkbankguy: I also think nonprofits benefit more from partnership. Thinking creatively to forge relationships to further your mission.

How do you segment strategically to different audiences? Regional, donors, board, general public?
  • @AREA203Digital: Google+ might be very helpful for audience segmentation once it allows for organizations to use it
  • @caseymaeknox: Digital marketing has no boundaries or borders, so it is easier and more cost effective to reach almost all non-profit audiences
  • @briandhelton: Question is a bit open-ended. "How" could be seen as tools or criteria used to segment. Using the 'right' message is key.

With our competitive economic climate, how do you successfully leverage digital marketing to secure program funding?
  • @milkbankguy: We strive to make the mission connection apparent to funding sources. Everyone has the connection...its just finding it.
  • @INperinatal: Use digital marketing metrics to show results. Results are key to securing funding. Our funders/grantmakers want proof that we have widespread engagement with/support for our mission. Digital marketing helps.
  • @caseymaeknox: Micro-donation campaigns via SMS, Donation page on Facebook, Website, etc.. Video content helps too!
  • @theisaacfix: Sometimes donors are willing to take a risk on funding a new innovative approach or campaign. Ask.

How do you adapt for-profit marketing programs to tailor to non-profit?
  • @caseymaeknox: By leveraging earned media potential - hard to answer this Q in 140 characters! UGH!
  • @milkbankguy: My philosophy is be ambitious. Just because we're non-profits doesn't mean we can't execute the same type of marketing programs.
  • @breanne_wilson: Make the marketing strategy a priority & PLAN! Careful targeting is perhaps more essential than in for-prof. to save resources.

What are your favorite non-profit digital marketing campaigns and programs that you’ve seen?
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