#NexusCafe Twitter Chat Preview: Email Marketing Testing and Optimization

The ExactTarget Nexus team invites you to participate in our #NexusCafe Twitter chat this Thursday  and every Thursday from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET, where we discuss emerging topics and trends from across the interactive marketing world. The virtual coffee chat is hosted directly on Twitter, hosted by @ETNexus. Follow the #NexusCafe hashtag and be sure and add the hashtag to your tweet to participate. The person with the best tweets wins a Starbucks gift card!

We're excited to host Joanna Millikin, director product management for ExactTarget Email, on this week's #NexusCafe chat. Joanna was one of ExactTarget's first employees and has contributed to building the organization and has served many roles throughout her tenure. She is passionate about email marketing and working with clients. During our chat we will discuss strategies around email marketing testing and optimization. Here is a preview of the questions that we'll discuss:

  • Which methods of email testing are you running today? What do you want to do more of?
  • What are the benefits for testing for email marketers?
  • Is content testing part of your strategy? What are some best practices?
  • How frequently do you run tests?
  • Are multivariate tests worth the investment?
  • What do you use for winning criteria? Is it always clicks or opens? Others?
  • How are testing strategies for offers different?
  • What are recommended resources for learning more about email marketing testing?

We hope to see you on the chat!

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