4 Steps to Reduce Customer Service Costs with Mobile

Providing superior service for your customers should be your number one priority. But keeping your customers satisfied can be challenging and requires ongoing maintenance. That’s why SMS can be an invaluable weapon in your marketing arsenal during those times when it’s necessary to get a quick communication out to your customers.

By launching an SMS response program, you make your customer service representatives available to assist your most critical customer interactions and provide a more convenient experience for those choosing to accept assistance via SMS. It’s a win-win for the customer!

Don’t forget, it’s also very cost effective when compared to traditional customer service call centers. Your CMO will love that part!

This type of program is typically initiated by a customer service request. Programs like this often utilize content management system (CMS) data and, in most cases, integrate efficiently with existing back-end systems to auto-generate the appropriate text response for a customer.

Step 1: Your customer has a question or request.

Step 2: Your CMS system has the answer.

Step 3: A mobile messaging platform queries the info from your CMS system.

Step 4: The platform sends the answer back to your customer.

To generate adoption, make sure to:

  • Assign a common customer service question to an SMS keyword.
  • Promote text-in opportunities at meaningful locations to your customers such as waiting areas and storefronts, or use marketing materials to educate consumers.
  • Create up-to-date, informative alerts that provide value to consumers.
  • Consider creating a response program that relays bus arrival times, show times, expected wait times, weather alerts, traffic alerts, etc. Be creative—if it impacts a customer’s experience with your brand, explore how it could work as a text response program.

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