Mobile APIs: The Fast Track to Effective Mobile Marketing

Convenience, ease-of-use, and efficiency are no longer wants, but necessities in our fast-paced society. Auto bill pay, GPS, and other developments in technology continue to automate our lives. Marketers are working to stay at the forefront of their customers’ interactions across channels—including mobile.

Mobile SMS and push messaging are some of the easiest ways to cut through the clutter and get directly in front of customers. Yet, to have a robust mobile presence, it’s the magic behind the display that makes it possible.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) arm marketers with the ability to automate, as well as being more relevant and timely.  Think about sending a letter. First, you handwrite the content, put it in an envelope, slap on a stamp, and drop it in the mailbox. Then you have to trust that the letter was delivered to the person it was intended, and in an acceptable timeframe. This is the embodiment of a manual process.

Now, think about sending a text or email from your smartphone instead. Quicker? Easier? That’s exactly how APIs can create a direct line to your customer.

Mobile APIs are particularly exciting, as they are being developed at an amazing pace, and allow you to integrate with functionality that complements a mobile application. Our own MobileConnect has nine APIs, and there are API plans for our recently released MobilePush product, as well.

Of course, you should always remember best practices for mobile marketing:

  • Ensure double opt-ins
  • Contacts must be subscribed to at least one keyword on a short code before they can be directly messaged
  • Only send messages to those who have provided opt-in

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