Marketers: Customer Service Is Your Job Too

It's a fact. Customers expect to get answers and support through Twitter and Facebook so your job isn't over when you finish creating, editing, and sending that email. 

Think about it. You develop a brilliant campaign with a 50% off promotion. The customer receives the email, opens it, and wants more info. They tweet:

"Mr. Brand, is it too late to redeem my coupon?"

6 days days later..... a response finally comes:

"Mr Customer, it is too late. The coupon expired yesterday."

End of story? Of course not...

"Mr. Brand, I am really bummed. I received your email and asked you that day whether or not I could redeem the coupon! NO RESPONSE for six days! Oh well..."

Whether you are in social media or not, remember that social must be a key part of your overall campaign. You should listen, engage, and respond in real time to improve your overall campaign results. Today's customers are more demanding, but if you handle a request or complaint quickly and effectively, you can create a ton of goodwill and drive even more enagement with your campaign.

According to Time Magazine, nearly half of social media users have sought customer service via social channels, and 71% of those who have a positive experience are likely to recommend the brand or company –  compared with just 19% of those who get no response! That’s a lot of potential reward for having a good social care program and a big risk for companies with poor social care.

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Take care and remember social customer care is a crtical part of your campaign. Get involved.

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