Major Differences Between Marketers and Consumers #Infographic

The challenge facing marketers is twofold. First, they must acknowledge the differences between their own online habits and those of the consumers they seek to reach. To put it another way, marketers must avoid being a focus group of one. At the same time, however, marketers need to continue taking risks and exploring new digital frontiers. Only through such exploration can brands fully understand whether the “next big thing” will be meaningful and embraced by their target consumers.

In Marketers From Mars, we hope to help our fellow marketers understand how our exploration of new technologies and channels has made us different from the consumers we seek to serve. In so doing, we hope to provide you with the means to avoid personal device and channel biases in your planning efforts.

In the complete Marketers from Mars report, you’ll discover:

 The differences between marketer and consumer channel usage (email, Facebook, and Twitter)

 The differences between marketer and consumer smartphone usage, digital purchase behaviors, and marketing priorities

 How marketers can avoid personal bias to better communicate with consumers

We're pleased to share some highlights in this infographic:



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