Letters to the C-Suite: Permission & Deliverability

Hey, today I am proud to share our new whitepaper with you. It's called "Letters to the C-Suite: Getting Serious About Permission and Deliverability."

Deliverability WhitepaperIn it, we've pulled together expert insights from a bunch of smart folks, including Geralmy Swint from Earthlink, Sam Masiello from McAfee, Carlo Catajan from Yahoo, and more! The advice is framed in the context of a letter to a company's executive team: If you could corner the CEO of a company and briefly tell them what they need to understand about permission and deliverability, what would you tell them?

ISP spam filters are smarter today than ever before. ISPs are quicker to clamp down on bad practices more than ever before. ISPs now actually notice whether or not subscribers are reading your mail. Do they move it into or out of the spam folder? Do you get more or fewer spam complaints than other companies? The smart folks actually involved in building these systems and making these kind of decisions tell you straight up: Permission is king, and the time to do it right is now.

Add to that, it also contains insight from sharp marketers like Groupon's Andrew Kordek, Email Strategist Tamara Gielen, deliverability experts Michelle Eichner (Pivotal Veracity) and Geoge Bilbrey (Return Path), and security and trust experts Daniel Dreymann (Goodmail) and Craig Spiezle (Online Trust Alliance). And of course, from ExactTarget, myself and Chip House, both of us having been neck deep in the world of email marketing and email deliverability lo these many years.

I'm really excited to have so many industry experts brought together in something short, simple and easy to understand. I hope you find it useful, too. Click here to download it.

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