Jump-Start Your Mobile Marketing Program: The First 3 Months

When you’re just starting to put your mobile strategy into action, email is probably your bread and butter for reaching customers. At this stage, using mobile to beef up your email list is a good first step—but there’s plenty more you can do to get your mobile program off the ground!

Here are some ideas to help jump-start your mobile efforts during the first few months.

Grow your email opt-in list via mobile. If gaining email opt-ins is your goal, then create plenty of opt-in opportunities via text message—like, “Text JOIN and to 12345 to subscribe to our program”—or add an email opt-in to your mobile website or app registration process.

Promote your mobile campaigns. To increase mobile interactions, you’ll need to promote your campaign across all channels—including social channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Promote your program with a simple and consistent message that encourages users to opt-in and download your app. Remember, offering an incentive (like a discount or exclusive deal) can drive even more engagement.

Schedule welcome emails for every mobile interaction. What better way to welcome your new SMS subscribers or mobile purchasers than an email message with information relevant to your campaign—whether it’s a newsletter or an exclusive coupon, make it worthwhile! You can also encourage subscribers to download your company’s app (if you have one) so you can introduce push messaging into your mobile strategy.

SMS and Push Messaging––Better Together. So, can SMS and push messaging work together? Absolutely! In fact, using SMS and push messaging together makes your mobile program more robust and offers users additional choices for how they’d like to be reached. SMS can be a great way to promote your company’s app, which opens the door to push messaging once a user has downloaded the app. This is an important step as you piece together the profile of useful data for each customer, including zip code, device type, interests, demographics, and more.

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