How to Personalize Marketing for the Digital Consumer #Infographic

The rapid growth of personal technology used by consumers is staggering. Consider that, according to Pew Research, two years ago just 33% of US adults owned a smartphone. By the end of 2012 that percentage ballooned to 50%, and the figure skyrockets to nearly 70% of adults in households earning more than $75,000. Forrester reports that 84% of US adults use the internet daily, up from a mere 43% at the turn of the century. The near-ubiquity of digital devices and internet access, coupled with the sophistication of the technology and applications that make them so pleasant to use, has spawned a new age for digital marketers.

While consumers’ adoption of digital devices and growing internet usage might not be surprising, the rate at which consumers are leveraging digital channels as shopping tools certainly is. Depending on the source, experts estimate that between 60% and 90% of in-store purchases are influenced by the web. Nielsen says 81% of consumers regularly research products online, 83% actively shop online, and nearly 70% have purchased online. Mobile shopping stats are catching up quickly; in 2012, ComScore reported that 4 out of 5 consumers use their smart phones to assist them while shopping. Never before has the consumer been so easily connected to--and influenced from-- virtually anywhere. And thanks to the hyperconnected nature in which consumers are now shopping, never before has the reality of a one-to-one, personal relationship with consumers been so close to reach.

We wanted to take a moment to illustrate the power of personalization to a hyperconnected consumer, and how marketers can leverage that power to create profit. Enjoy the journey and the infographic. 

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