How ExactTarget Combats Survey Fatigue

Forrester Research, Inc.'s January 2013 report entitled, "Top Ways to Combat Survey Fatigue" addresses the growing issue of companies bombarding customers with surveys—resulting in lower response rates, lower completion rates, and lower quality data. Our Client Experience Team took interest in this topic since we care a great deal about gathering client feedback but want to avoid over-surveying.

Achieving balance is an ongoing challenge, but here are some ways we try to make our Client Success Survey as streamlined as possible:

  • Show how we use client feedback. We take pride in both using client feedback and being transparent, so we share what we're doing right, how we're improving, and what feature we've delivered based on client feedback via our Client Success Survey Summary page.
  • Structure workflow to avoid over-surveying. If a client has received the annual Client Success Survey in the past 30 days, we will not ask them to also complete a Global Support transactional survey (if they've recently interacted with that team).
  • Use client data to make surveys more relevant. Our survey partner, Walker Information, integrates with our Salesforce database. We personalize surveys using client's tenure, role related to ExactTarget, product ownership, and participation in the Orange Partner Network. There are thousands of possible combinations!
  • Make surveys rewarding. Taking a survey is much better when it makes an impact! For every survey response we receive, we donate $50 to the ExactTarget Foundation to combat childhood hunger, advance education, and promote entrepreneurship.
  • Prioritize open-ended questions. One of the most valuable questions on our survey is this open-ended question: "If ExactTarget could make one change to better serve you in the future, what would it be?" This used to be near the end of the survey, but we recently moved it closer to the beginning. Just in case a client doesn't have the chance to complete the full survey, at least we'll hear about their main concerns. 

How does your company combat survey fatigue? Comment below!


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