Hint: Twitter and Facebook Users Prefer Mobile

On Monday, Twitter and Compete published results of a study on Twitter’s primary mobile users. According to this study, 60% of their 200 million active users log in via mobile at least once a month. To improve engagement with mobile-age consumers, here’s what you should take away from the study:

  1. Primary mobile users on Twitter are 57% less likely to use Twitter on desktop, and 15% use tablets to access the app. Hint: Optimize your content for mobile and link to sites that are mobile optimized.
  2. 18 - 34 year olds are 52% more likely to access Twitter via mobile. Hint: Consider targeting mobile campaigns to a younger audience than you might for traditional campaigns.
  3. Primary mobile users log on throughout the day. They are 157% more likely to use Twitter when they wake up, 160% more likely to use at work or school, 169% MORE LIKELY TO USE WHILE SHOPPING, and 129% more likely to use before bed. Hint: Time tweets to go everywhere your customers go. (Conveniently, this is ExactTarget’s mobile mantra.)
  4. Primary mobile users compose, click on links, retweet, and favorite more often than ordinary Twitter users. Hint: Include strong calls to action and give your eager audience what they want—rich media and links.
  5. The ordinary Twitter user follows 5+ brands, while primary mobile users are 96% more likely to follow 11+ brands. Hint: Tweet about your current promos and include special offers or coupons customers can redeem in real-time.

Twitter isn’t the only one getting on its mobile soapbox. Facebook has voiced its mobile first strategy, focusing on new apps and features. The benefits are apparent, with Facebook earning the most-used mobile app spot across iOS and Android. January 31, 2013, marked the first time the number of active daily visitors on Facebook mobile was higher than the number accessing via web.

These social media giants know what’s trending and are heavily investing in mobile. Get in on the action at Ready to put your mobile strategy into action? Check out the 4 Stages of a Smart Mobile Strategy.

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