Guided Selling Makes Holiday Shopping Easier

Making your way through a shopping mall during the holidays can be like navigating your way through a maze. ‘Tis the time of year when stores are busy, crowded and noisy and sales associates seem impossible to come by. Still, there’s something fun and exciting about shopping at brick-and-mortar stores during the holidays, and many consumers still enjoy the overall experience. But with limited staff on hand, how can retailers provide enough sales support to usher customers to a sale this holiday season?

That’s where Guided Selling comes in. Consumers enjoy interacting with technology and sometimes even prefer it over interacting with an actual sales associate. Guided selling solutions, hosted on e-commerce sites, as mobile apps and in-store kiosks, can act as a “stand-in” sales associate and help customers through the purchasing process by recommending relevant products based on the shopper’s needs and providing additional information about those products.

In fact, Guided Selling solutions are a gift purchaser’s dream. Consider a mom who wishes to purchase a new television set for her family. She prefers shopping in the store to find the perfect purchase, yet neither she nor the associate have ample time to review all of the options. If the retailer provides a TV finder, the mom can simply walk through a series of questions about her needs and budget and then be provided with recommendations of available products that meet her needs.  The Guided Selling solution could either be provided on the e-commerce site as a pre-store research application or in-store so she can narrow down her options and make a purchase in the store.

The Guided Selling application is also a goldmine for men shopping for their wives. Instead of purchasing the same bottle of perfume for the fifth year in a row, a husband can discover new product ideas by answering questions about his wife. Even better, a husband can have his wife provide her answers to the relevant questions then rely on the recommended products to make the perfect purchase for his wife this year.

Guided Selling solutions empower consumers and encourage them to make a decision based on their research. In addition to revenues, the retailer is also viewed as a resource helping the shopper “put the pieces together,” creating customer loyalty and future conversions. Here’s why it works:

  1. The retailer is giving its customers the tools to “cut through the noise.”
  2. The shopper is given access to all the information he/she needs to feel confident in making a purchasing decision. The information isn’t coming in the form of more data to sift through; it’s coming in the form of actual product recommendations – just like it would from a sales associate.
  3. The shopper gets to access that information in the way he/she wants to, whether that’s online or in-store.

Want to see it in action: Watch the video

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