#ETCafe Twitter Chat Recap: Welcome Emails

Each Thursday at 11am EST, marketers from around the world join the ExactTarget user community on Twitter for a conversation about trends and campaign ideas across the interactive marketing industry.  We call the virtual coffee chat the ExactTarget Café.

During a recent #ETCafe chat, we discussed welcome email strategy for new subscribers. The community discussed the different paths for welcome email and series. Our featured guest,  Matt Tippets, director of product marketing for ExactTarget Email products, share some great insights. Here's a recap of the chat questions and the discussion below:
  1. What are the different ways you onboard your new subscribers?
  2. Why would you create a series and not a singular welcome email?
  3. What content should you have in your welcome emails?
  4. Do you have different paths for subscribers categories for their welcome process?
  5. When should subscribers receive the welcome email? 
  6. Do you currently provide subscribers to define their cadence for email campaigns? 
  7. What if subscribers don't engage with your welcome series? What's next? 
We hope you can join us for a future chat!
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