#ETCafe Twitter Chat Recap: Improving In-Store Shopping Experience with Mobile

Each Thursday at 11am EST, marketers from around the world join the ExactTarget user community on Twitter for a conversation about trends and campaign ideas across the interactive marketing industry.  We call this virtual coffee chat the ExactTarget Café.

Jimmy  MacKinley, product adoption manager, and the crew from Canadian tech start-up Zaptap (@zaptap360) have participated in many #ETcafe Twitter chats in the past. This week they joined us to go deep into how shoppers can experience in-store shopping better with their smartphones. Zaptap offers a proximity-based, application-less solution where consumers place their smartphone near a product tag to learn more about that item. Imagine going to a wine store and selecting a wine with a virtual sommelier at your side, and even getting a discount! 
Retail marketers are challenged by engaging consumers and increasing in-store transactions due to the rise of ecommerce. Many surveys shared that 2012 holiday shoppers want more from their in-store experience and consumers went to stores for showrooming in search of the best deals. We discussed how interactive marketing can make in-store shopping experience unique and drive sales.
  1. Why do consumers choose in-store shopping for products and services versus online?
  2. What are some effective interactive marketing campaigns to increase foot traffic to stores?
  3. 4 out of 5 consumers already use their smartphones to shop. How can marketers leverage technology channels via smart phone such as brand apps, NFC, QR code to improve the shopping experience? (NFC: near field communication is available in most smart phones) 
  4. How are consumers using mobile search to learn more about products in-store? How can brands improve this experience?
  5. What product content is most effective  increase trust in a store for consumers to make an informed purchasing decision?
  6. How would you advise retailers to tell a story about their products in-store? (Relevant product pairings, lifestyle curating, engaging touch and feel senses)?
  7. What are effective ways for retailers to use shopping habits and analytics to provide targeted and relevant incentives?
For a complete recap of the conversation, please check my Storify. And join us each Thursday at 11am EST for the converasation! We giveaway a Starbucks card to the person with the most insightful tweets!
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