#ETCafe Twitter Chat Preview: Marketers

The ExactTarget team invites you to participate in this week's #ETCafe Twitter chat, where some of the world's best marketers come together to discuss emerging topics and trends from across the interactive marketing world. This virtual coffee chat takes place directly on Twitter every Thursday from 11am-12pm ET, hosted by @ExactTarget.

Last week, we focused on a Valentine's Day edition of #ETcafe chat, "Loving your Subscribers" with Relish Tray Media, Inc. For our next #ETCafe chat we wanted to spend some time discussing how Valentine's Day email and marketing campaigns performed for marketers. Windsor Circle will be joining us once again to share some research and anecdotes for executing marketing campaigns specifically around Valentine's Day.

For our discussion this week, we'll focus on how Valentine's Day marketing campaings performed, how they could have been executed better, measurements for holiday campaigns, and the long term retention and engagement strategies. Here's a list of questions that we'll cover during the chat: 

  1. How did email marketing campaigns focused on Valentine's Day fare this year?
  2. In what ways did retailers share love with their customers?
  3. How did marketers effectively use Valentine’s Day to win the hearts of (and retain) their customers?
  4. What techniques are working to convert one-time 2012 holiday shoppers into repeat buyers this quarter?
  5. How are you measuring and improving customer loyalty, engagement, and retention?
  6. What social strategies are you as marketers using this year to retain more customers?
  7. What other retention marketing campaigns are you as marketers planning for the rest of the Winter, the coming Spring, and beyond?

Please join us this Thursday for an exciting discussion with dynamic interactive marketing professionals! Follow the #ETCafe hashtag in your favorite Twitter application and be sure and add the hashtag to your tweet to participate. We will give away a Starbucks gift card to the person that contributes the most helpful tweets!

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