#ETcafe Chat Recap: Managing Social Accounts with @cc_chapman

Each Thursday at 11am EST, marketers from around the world join the ExactTarget user community on Twitter for a conversation about trends and campaign ideas across the interactive marketing industry.  We call this virtual coffee chat the ExactTarget Café
We recently hosted C.C. Chapman (@cc_chapman), best-selling author, content creator, keynote speaker, consultant, photographer, motivator, and founder of The Cleon Foundation. He is the co-author of Content Rules, a best seller that showcases the value of “organizations as publishers” and author of Amazing Things Will Happen: a Real World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness
C.C. shared his insights on how to make the most of your social presence on both a personal and professional level. We also discussed how to measure engagement across multiple channels, use social media successfully, and publish content relevant to your audience.
When we asked C.C. about his thoughts on blending business and personal content on the social accounts he reponded "in my world they are one and the same. If people don't like me, they shouldn't do business with me." With current discussions on humanizing brands, it's interesting to see how marketers handle the blurred lines between their social identities. 
Here's a round-up of the questions that we discussed during the chat:
  • In what ways do you use social media to be successful?
  • How do you build a following when getting started in the online space, or when starting a new project or community?
  • Coming up with content can be the biggest challenge for many people, how do you find inspiration? Are there sources you recommend or techniques you use?
  • How do you manage multiple social accounts with all the inbound volume that can entail?
  • How do you measure engagement with your audiences?
  • How do you balance both personal and business topics across social networks?
Here's a recap of the converation. We hope you can join us next week!


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