Digital Media Produces Lots of Activity Yet Email is #1 for Producing Sales.

Digital media has forever transformed how brands and consumers interact with each other. Online marketing has become a 24x7 multi-channel symphony designed to engage and inspire today’s hyper-connected consumer. And hopefully compel them to buy the brand’s product.

To visualize the “avalanche of digital activity” that is taking place between brands and consumers, business intelligence company DOMO paired up with Column Five Media to create this infographic to show what’s happening online every minute of every day,.  

The sheer volume of online activity is staggering. Especially if you’re a marketer trying to heard.

Every week I talk with marketing professionals who are struggling to attract new customers and retain existing users. It’s a never-ending challenge to allocate budget to those channels and tactics that represent the best chance for delivering measureable ROI.

While it’s gratifying to have consumers “Liking” you on Facebook and “Following” you on Twitter, the question marketers must ask themselves is “How are these tactics driving sales?”

Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something

Since 1990, the number of media channels for engaging consumers has skyrocketed. And virtually all of this expansion has been fueled by digital media.

While the Internet has made it easier and faster for consumers to browse websites, access content, download apps, share opinions, and meet up with friends at popular social networking sites, I think the important question marketers must ask themselves is, “Which channels are working best to drive sales and aid customer retention?”

The answer to this question is permission-based Email.

As reported in the 2012 Channel Preference Survey Report from ExactTarget:

·      77% of U.S. Internet users prefer Email for permission-based promotional messages

·      66% have made a purchase as a result of a marketing message received by Email.

And just in case you think Email only works for “business getting,” think again.  Email is also #1 for “business keeping.” 76% of consumers surveyed said they prefer Email for customer service messages.

Email Marketing By The Book

My take? When it comes to customer engagement . . . Hope is Not a Strategy.

While Email may no longer be the “shiny new object” it was ten years ago, it continues to be the “go to” channel for nurturing leads, aiding purchase decision-making, serving customers better, supporting the sales efforts of local dealers, and building long-term brand preference.

At a time when so much “chatter” is being created through online activity, it’s important to realize that the most important tool a brand can have to be heard is permission-based email. The smartest and most successful marketers I know understand this and leverage every touch-point of online interaction to invite consumers to become email subscribers. That’s when “engagement” truly begins.

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