Creating a Social Media Governance Plan: Its Easy!

Like many marketing executives, you may feel like your social media programs are out of control. There doesn't seem to be a real plan and often, you aren't even sure if the people responding to tweets and posts are "on message." So, how do you calm the wild west, but still provide enough freedom so that your social media responses seem human?

Certainly, SocialEngage can help you with that. Snippets are a great way to both improve efficiency, but also provide pre-approved content so that your responders have the right messages at their fingertips. Conversation History in SocialEngage helps a lot too. You can see how others are responding to similar questions and "follow the leader" to ensure all stay on message.

Overall, we believe that its important you create a good social media goverance plan, but ensure that its flexible enough to allow your employees to connect with and engage with your customers.

According to Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, creating a social media governance plan doesn't have to be that difficult. She says,

"A good social media governance plan is more than a policy document; it’s a process that empowers staff to participate and collaborate across an array of social media platforms. Encourage your employees to interact with customers and share the top-shelf content your organization is creating. Bonus: Make your social media policy both simple and public, like Intel’s, which reads, in part: “Talk to your readers like you would talk to real people in professional situations.” (Sweet, huh?) Business has shifted. Are the people in your organization trying to manage it without you? Or are you on board? "

Don't overthink it. Start with sticky notes on a blackboard and begin building it with your employees so that eventually you have a short, sweet document that everyone can live by. Good luck!


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