CoTweet receives glowing review

A review of CoTweet was posted on microblogging news site, Microblink, today. It left us gushing. You can read the full review here.

Some excerpts:

“CoTweet may just be the ultimate corporate Twitter tool.”

“Aaron Gotwalt (@gotwalt), Jesse Engle (@jesseengle) and Kyle Sollenberger (@iamkyle) think they've built the tool that could finally push businesses over the tipping point and into Twitter full-bore. From the looks of their new app, CoTweet, I'd say they're well on their way.”

“What business users will probably be most excited about is the look and feel of this app. Everything is very polished, just like any other piece of software they're used to using.”

“If you've ever watched Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero video and wish you could do the same with Twitter, CoTweet answers again.”

“While previous corporate Twitter case studies were reserved for innovative companies like Whole Foods and Zappos, the team at CoTweet has built a tool that truly gives any company the ability to use the microblogging service effectively. Head over to their site and get signed up for the private beta for a chance to try it out.”

“Even after CoTweet rolls out a pro/paid plan (and I'm sure they will), companies will still be lining up with cash in hand to utilize this tool. You owe it to your company to give it a whirl.”

Kyle is blogging on behalf of the Social Media Marketing Team at ExactTarget

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