Context, Context, Context: Mobile Targeting Beyond Location

Marketers will need to clue into user context to create successful mobile applications in the future. Forrester Research, Inc.'s January, 2013 report entitled: “The Future of Mobile Application Development” stresses that you should understand your consumer's total mobile experience, or “context,” to be able to target your message based on the complete picture of your mobile user. Context includes the situational, attitudinal, and preferential habits of your user.

This so-called context is directly linked to the state of the app, and you can leverage in-app analytics and turn it into predictive insights quickly and easily. Jeffrey Hammond, vice president, principal analyst at Forrester Research told Mobile Marketer, “To me, one thing that dropped out in the research was the real connection between mobile apps and big data, predictive analytics, and complex event processing. They are a killer combination -- like chocolate and peanut butter.”

For today's marketers, context may translate into geo-targeting and delivering personalized content based on location, but it encompasses much more than geography. In the future, marketers must determine what new contextual information will be most valuable and build those sensors and measures into their apps. ExactTarget mobile solutions address these future needs and will work with you to deliver exceptionally targeted content to your consumers.

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